Welcome to NetmarketingCourses.com, a global provider of online training.

We offer online training in various aspects of digital marketing, predominantly in partnership with leading industry and professional associations.

“Netmarketing Courses” is owned and operated by Netmarketing Services Limited. The company’s principal is Michael Carney.

Michael  is a long-time marketer with an insatiable passion for whatever’s new, different, exciting or interesting in the world of communications. He reports on happenings around the world — North, South, East or West. He’s an information magpie, attracted by bright shiny nuggets of marketing intelligence — which he then shares with his readers.

Michael has been in the marketing game since (gulp) 1971, online since 1987 — and a respected author, playwright and newsletter writer.


Our Partners

Our industry association partners currently include:

  • NZ Marketing Association
  • NZ Retailers Association
  • Hospitality New Zealand
  • Tourism Industry Association NZ
  • Marketing Institute of Ireland

For more information, please contact Michael Carney at michael (at) netmarketingcourses.com

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