Advanced Social Media Marketing

Because Social Media never stands still, we’ve developed a course that has as its focus the very latest developments in the medium. This course is designed for those who already have a solid understanding of Social Media Marketing and wish to keep themselves as up-to-date as possible. The course content is reviewed regularly and updated where necessary to reflect what’s happening NOW.

Advanced Social Media Marketing course

This is a seven-part eCourse providing a comprehensive update of the latest developments in the Social Media world, both locally and internationally. It supplements and extends the topics we cover in our general Social Media Marketing Principles & Practice course.

This eCourse is conducted on a web-based e-learning software platform, enabling course participants to proceed at their own pace, accessing materials online. This particular eCourse provides content in a variety of multimedia forms, including videos, slideshows, flash-based presentations and PDF files. No special software is required to participate.

Course lessons will be provided in seven parts, for participants to access in accordance with their own timetables. Interaction with the course tutor is enabled through the platform software tools (with telephone backup if required).

This course has been created and is tutored by Michael Carney.

Any Business Owner, Marketing, Advertising, PR or Communications professional who wants to keep up with the latest developments in the Social Media sphere.



Lesson One: The Latest Facebook Changes And What They Mean For You

In Lesson One, we take a fresh look at Facebook and learn about:

  • The newest developments on Facebook including Promoted Posts, Page Post Targeting, Parent/Child Pages, Open Graph, custom audiences, retargeting, subscriptions, local currency pricing and much more – what they all mean and how you can take advantage of them
  • Hot-off-the-press Facebook statistics, including the Most Popular and Most Talked About Facebook pages, smart engagement strategies and Facebook stats by category
  • What people talk about most on Facebook and the implications for marketers
  • Facebook’s Mobile Strategies and what they mean for marketers
  • Facebook, Amazon and Social Gifting
  • A round-up of the latest and greatest Facebook Tools

Lesson Two: Pinterest & Instagram and The Power Of Pictures

Pictures have taken the social sphere by storm, and Pinterest and Instagram are leading the way! In this lesson we delve in detail into these two social services, including:

  • The latest local and international statistics
  • How leading marketers are using Pinterest and Instagram
  • Pinterest’s new Business Pages and what they mean for you
  • Why Pinterest acquired Punchfork
  • Pinterest case studies, best practices and inspirational guides
  • What you simply must know about Pinterest’s Secret Boards
  • Compendium, Rummage and other Pinterest clones
  • Instagram’s rollout of advertising options around the globe
  • Instagram’s Privacy debacle

Lesson Three: Twitter

Twitter continues to evolve. Here’s what you should know about Twitter today:

  • How to make optimum use of Twitter Cover Photos
  • Making effective use of the Twitter API
  • How to curate your Twitter lists
  • Best practices to clean up your Twitter settings
  • How to find the best Twitter hashtags
  • Twitter Tools you should use
  • Periscope and its usage
  • Tips for more effective tweeting
  • Top Tweets and posts about Twitter
  • Famous Twitter #Fails: what brands still don’t get

Lesson Four: What you need to know about Google Plus

Google Plus is strategically important, even though the social network still has a much smaller membership base than Facebook. In this lesson, we cover:

  • Google Plus stats and demographics
  • Why Google Plus is so important for SEO — and for your online credibility
  • The implications of Google blending Google Plus with Google Shopping
  • Why Google Plus matters more than ever for local businesses
  • The controversial new Google Plus sharing policies
  • How Google Drive now links directly to Google Plus
  • New Google Plus Communities and why they matter
  • Google’s new Lightbox ad format explained
  • How to use Google Plus Hangouts On Air
  • The latest new features for the Google Plus mobile apps

Lesson Five: Getting Up to Speed on LinkedIn

In this lesson we cover the key facts you need to know about LinkedIn, including:

  • LinkedIn demographics, including membership by industry sector
  • The new-look LinkedIn homepage and what it means for you
  • Is your LinkedIn Profile optimised for the new page design?
  • The increasing importance of Company Pages — and the opportunities that still exist for first-movers
  • Accessing influencers and thought-leaders
  • Social Proof and LinkedIn Endorsements
  • The importance of the LinkedIn mobile offerings

Lesson Six: Mastering YouTube

There’s a bit more to YouTube than Gangnam and cat videos. In Lesson Six, we  review:

  • YouTube by the numbers
  • Associated Website Link Annotations and what they mean for marketers
  • The importance of ‘Time Watched’ for higher Video Search Rankings
  • How to use Google AdWords for Video effectively
  • Essential tips and techniques from the YouTube Creator Playbook
  • Viral Videos: the good, the bad and the very very ugly
  • The YouTube Capture iOS App and how it makes posting to YouTube even easier
  • How to Optimize For The New YouTube Design
  • How to Drive Traffic Between Your Videos on YouTube
  • The new rules of video marketing

Lesson Seven: “Big”, Enterprise-Level Social Media Users

Social Media Marketing is traditionally discussed in the context of smaller businesses; but how do large enterprises cope with the demands of Social Media? We review the latest tools and best practices for enterprise-level Social Media Marketing, including:

  • The essential ingredients of any enterprise social RFP
  • Coping with constant technological change
  • Managing social media data across large organizations
  • Cross-channel co-ordination of messages, analytics and infrastructure
  • Creating an pan-organiszational social media team
  • Managing rules, restrictions and reputations
  • Promoting social media features and benefits within the organization
  • Discovering, attracting and sourcing talent
  • Empowering employees for social media success
  • Identifying the roles required for managing social media communities effectively
  • Dealing with the organizational culture challenges
  • Preserving Engagement and Innovation within the enterprise environment
  • Plus the very latest Facebook news and updates



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