The Complete Facebook Marketing Course

The Complete Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook Marketing

 For Those Who Want To Succeed On Facebook — But Don’t Know Where To Start

For those who wish to master Facebook Marketing in its entirety, we’ve created a ten-week online training program which will take you from Facebook novice to highly effective Facebook communicator.


Facebook Marketing



Those who wish to master all aspects of Facebook Marketing, from the basics to highly advanced topics.


This course has been created and will be tutored by Michael Carney. Michael is a long-time marketer with an insatiable passion for whatever’s new, different, exciting or interesting in the world of communications — and particularly in the social media marketing space.




Facebook Marketing

In this first lesson, we step you through the process of creating a business page for your organisation and your brand(s). Next we take you through the process of finding your first followers and claiming your User Name (you’d be surprised how many thousands of companies have yet to claim their name).

  • Even if you’ve already established your business on Facebook, we recommend that you work your way through this lesson — you’ll be surprised at some of the basics you may have overlooked (and which just could make the difference between Facebook Marketing success and failure).

Facebook Marketing

It’s easy to set up a Facebook page — not quite so easy to get the infrastructure humming along the way it should (and meeting your Facebook Marketing objectives). In this lesson, we show you how to take maximum advantage of Facebook’s Timeline format and explore some of the options available to you on Facebook (which might even include how to set up your own online store within Facebook). We also explore how to add useful content to your tabs within your Facebook page — and tell you about Facebook’s rules as they apply to pages, promotions, advertising and competitions. Break those and you could find yourself in hot water.

Facebook Marketing

Once you have some real customers and prospects following you, it’s time to start talking with them. We discuss how often you should be adding content to your Facebook pages and how you should structure your content for maximum effectiveness. And we show you how to browse Facebook and get noticed; and then attract the interested and curious back to your own social hideout.

Facebook Marketing

Who have you attracted so far to your Facebook page, how much are they interacting with you and what do they get to see when they arrive at your Facebook Business Page anyway? We show you some of the ways that leading brands and organisations have set themselves up on Facebook and identify the key elements you’ll need to include if you want to increase your Facebook Marketing impact.

Facebook Marketing

Know anything about Facebook’s algorithms, especially the one popularly called EdgeRank ? This not-very-well-known formula determines exactly how visible you are on Facebook, especially to those who say they like you. We peek under the covers and show you exactly what you need to do to prosper under EdgeRank — and how important it is to engage in particular ways with your fans and followers to further your Facebook Marketing aims.

Facebook Marketing

“Viral” is one of those magic qualities to which most marketers aspire. Alas, many are called but few are chosen. In this lesson we look at the principles behind some of the most effective viral campaigns of recent time — and show you how to harness those concepts to reach out to influencers and consumers alike. We’ll also discuss how you can (legally and legitimately!) make Other Peoples’ Content actually work for you!

Facebook Marketing

In this lesson we explore Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts. As Facebook reduces the effectiveness of your posts — reportedly as few as 6% of your page followers are now seeing your posts — you need new strategies (and judicious use of Promoted Posts) to get seen on Facebook. Time to dig deep and find out what can be done, even on small budgets.

We tackle the issue head-on and cover:

  • how to learn more about your followers
  • how to identify and create more shareable posts
  • when and how often you should post to Facebook now
  • the types of content you should bump to the top of your Facebook page
  • how to improve your engagement rates without always paying
  • how to crunch your numbers to see how well you’re doing
  • how you can use Ads and Promoted Posts effectively


Social Media is all about Community Engagement. In this lesson we examine the various ways in which organisations can engage more effectively with their communities, whether through their own pages or through the massive array of Facebook Groups that serve specific niches.
Facebook Marketing

There’s a whole lot more to social shopping than just offering a drop-dead, deeply discounted deal and ending up with bargain shoppers who won’t spend a penny more than their coupons allow. We take a serious look at some of the best practices in this space and identify smart ways to help your customers spend more of their hard-earned money with you. Along the way we’ll discuss pre-commerce, augmented recommendations and how to turn existing customers into advocated (without them having to do anything).

Facebook Marketing

Finally, we look at the increasing number of ways that your consumers can connect with their friends outside Facebook, how you can help the process along and why it matters (hint: these days people trust their friends more than they trust you — nothing personal). Along the way, we’ll identify a few simple protocols that you (or your IT folk) can add to your own website to sharpen your social results.


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Further Lessons will be provided at weekly intervals for the duration of the ten-part course.

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