Relax and let the AI do the work
Relax and let the AI do the work

AI video capabilities are getting better every day. Here's a book trailer video we've just put together, using AI, well, everywhere.

Yeah, it's a vertical video, so not quite optimised for this article, but looks great on TikTok, Instagram & Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts!

So, where did we use AI?

Okay, deep breath.

Not the "Outcast Angels" logo. For that, we are most thankful to Robin Bassett, who created it for us several years ago.

Everything else, though.

  • ART: We created every image in the video using MidJourney AI.
  • ANIMATION: Credit for that goes to GEN-2, by Runway ML.
  • SOUND EFFECTS: MyEdit AI Sound Effect Generator, for both the opening whooshes and the fire FX.
  • VOICEOVER: Had to be Eleven Labs.
  • THE SCRIPT: Either ChatGPT or Google Gemini wrote the copy (can't remember which, use them both extensively, along with Claude, giving them all the same brief and then cherry-picking the best bits from each of them).
  • THE SUBTITLES: We edited the elements in CyberLink Power Director, which uses AI to transcribe the words from the voiceover and then positions them, segment by segment, on the video.

So yes, AI is pretty powerful these days, for creating video clips and for all the other elements as well.

And there's a new one on the horizon, SORA by OpenAI, which is truly stunning. Take a look at these three samples.

The Spaceman

Walking in Tokyo

Reading on a Cloud


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